Why is there an Anonymous notify when the game starts?
You are logged out. Please log in to get the right experience from this game.
I was playing an episode and I lost my progress. What happened?
The game saves your progress to the server only if you are logged in and only if your game ends (when the game is over or when you beat the game) in arcade mode or every time you get an high score or personal best in star mode. Otherwise, you keep track of your progress only locally and only for one episode at time. If you can’t manage to send your score to the server, your progress will be lost when you start a different episode.
Why are some levels locked in star mode?
You have to first unlock them in arcade mode.
Why are some levels unavailable in star mode?
In star mode you can not play shooter and boss levels.
I made an error in my level design, but I already saved my work to the system. Can I fix it?
It is good practice to deeply test your designs before submitting. However, if you are still on the page where you edited your level (or episode) and your work is still in the editor, you can fix your design and save it again. It will be overwritten without creating a new level (or episode) entity.
When I save a new episode it seems it is stuck forever. Something is wrong?
New episodes can weight several Mb, so the upload is not as fast as when saving a single level. Please wait until you receive an answer from the system.